I am experienced captain who’s work is to safely deliver boats to any chosen destination. I have been living on a sailboat on the island of Langkawi in Malaysia for many years. I prefer healthy lifestyle. I don’t drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes. I speak English, Slovak, Czech and little bit of Spanish language. I am 42 years old, responsible and honest person. Your ship is safe when I stand on its deck. 

About Me

Delivery of Ships is not a Job it’s a Lifestyle.

I personally deliver your vessel to any destination around the world. I deliver vessels of maximum length of 55 feet. I work alone and I take responsibility of myself and your ship. I do not offer recreational sailing, my priority is to deliver your vessel safely to its destination. I will always return your ship in same or better condition that it was before I step on its deck. I have experience with different types of sailboats and I am technically capable since I lived on my sailboat for many years. I always conduct a technical check of the whole boat before I start the delivery process. 

In the first contact please indicate: 

  • type of the vessel 
  • initial and final destination
  • deadline in which you want the vessel to be delivered

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